The Brand

surprising your beloved ones with a romantic candle light dinner…

Waiting for the easter bunny while enjoying a family get-together on the breakfast table…

Inviting your friends to your home for a chat and a good glass of wine…

What are your favorite memories like? In the fast moving world we live in, the moments spent with our families and friends full of joy are so precious to us. They give us loads of energy and bring a smile on our faces. More than ever we savour these moments and we like to enjoy them at a place where we feel safe and secure: at our home! We meet around the table like we used to in the „good old times“. Here we feel comfortable and protected. For this reason ventuno made it to its mission to make these special moments even more intense.

Set highlights! Arouse emotions!

ventuno is Italian and means 21! And this is what it’s all about: to set a table in the 21st century! We are back to the point of enjoying a get-tgether around the dinner table – like  our grandparents did 60 years ago. However the way we like to set this table has changed completely. For this ventuno wants to turn every relaxing cup of tea and the every day breakfast a special moment to you. ventuno wants to make a difference – that’s the way you eat today!

We all are different – which is great!

For this reason ventuno is always in search of suitable items for anyone’s needs always keeping ist typical style. It’s like at your home: With us you can be the way you are – without any need of changing or adopting. It’s the strength of ventuno to fascinate all kind of people with a variety of different tastes – each and every day.

It’s not just anything – as you’re not just anybody!

Do you value quality? Are you in the search of something which fits exactly to you? Do you care for the beautiful things in life?
Then ventuno is the right choice for you! Thanks to our great team of designers we are sure that in our collection you will find what you have been looking for for a long time already. We are working today on the fulfillment of your dreams of tomorrow – around your dinner table.